Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham - Archery

Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham - Archery 

Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham - Archery


£20.00 per person
Min age: 16
Min booking: 12 people
Event time: 1hr
Availability: 7 days a week


Learn archery in the wooded depths of Sherwood Forest - you could say it's the spiritual home of archery, courtesy of Robin Hood and his band of merry men.

Whether you're a Maid Marian or more of a Little John, you'll love the chance to learn how to shoot arrows on target at this woodland archery venue. Unfortunately, there's no Sheriff of Nottingham to aim for as you send those quivering feathered arrows whistling through the air, but you'll still be aiming for gold as you stand opposite the bullseye, bow in hand.

With experienced tuition you'll quickly learn how to load the bow and shoot like a skilled marksman, putting your archery skills into practice for around an hour at this tranquil glade in the middle of Nottinghamshire woodland.

It was nice to meet you on Saturday.  We all had a great time with the Archery and will look at doing something else with you in the future.
Once again thanks for all your help.

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